iStock_000000123242SmallSurveillance not only gives you definite answers to what an individual is doing, but if it is done correctly, you will also have irrefutable proof of the person’s doings.  Gunderson Services has been able to obtain photos and videos that have been touted as the best they have seen by businesses that use investigators frequently.  Our skills at making ourselves unknown to the subject are impeccable.  This is a highly skilled area and our expertise proves itself over and over.  We are able to blend into any environment and use advanced technology and equipment that makes the subject completely unaware that his/her actions are being captured.  We are contacted for surveillance for a wide variety of circumstances including confirming a person’s activities, infidelity, locating where a person is going, locating an individual’s employment, fraud, looking into a person’s lifestyle, drug or alcohol usage, insurance claims, and business surveillance.  Surveillance can be carried out over a few hours or spread out over days or weeks depending on the circumstances.  Whatever your needs are, we endeavor to provide you the evidence you need at a reasonable cost and within your required time frame.

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