Service of Process

Gunderson Services performs service of process for a variety of clients.  From simple services to complex services including skip locates, we are extremely successful at effecting service.    Not every service is the same, thus we have developed the ability to recognize and adapt to many different service environments.  Furthermore, as we perform service of process across the country, we understand that each area has its own regulations with which we comply.   After completion, we will create and file professional proofs or declarations in a timely fashion.  Service of process is a critical part of court cases and the ramifications of incomplete and incorrect service can be large.  We have earned the trust of our clients.  Our clients appreciate that they can utilize all areas of our company when they need service of process including finding someone through a skip locate and then effecting service.  Clients appreciate our regular updates as well as utilizing only one company for all of their needs from finding someone to serving them.  We provide process service for most types of documents including summons and complaints, subpoenas, family law matters, garnishments,  judgments,  restraining orders, and eviction and foreclosure notices.

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