Safety Tips while in Crowds (from a private investigator)

This time of year you may think about attending events for the holidays such as plays, parties, parades, even shopping can be an event at least for me.  No matter where you go this time of year, there seems to be a TON of people.  Do you notice or care?  Some of us do not like crowds at all and do our best to avoid them.  Others really do not notice and some still are energized by being around many people.  Whatever type of person you are, it is important that when you are in a large group, you are aware of your surroundings.  Does it seem like this is my answer to so many things?  Well, because it is.  And until you have this as a natural response, you are not prepared.  Really for anything.  In a crowd, you want to look up, do not focus on your feet.  Hold your belongings close to you if you have to bring a bag.  If you are in an organized crowd be prepared to have your bag checked and do not bring anything you do not see as disposable.  Carry your small children and hold hands with larger ones.  Children are often not seen way down there as adults are focused on each other talking.  Know how to get out.  Know where the closest exit is and know how you will get there.  Discuss a meeting place if you get lost.  Be sure your phone is charged before you leave home.  Be sure someone who is not with you knows where you are.  Do not get intoxicated when you are in a crowd, you will not be a good part of the crowd.  Know when to leave.  You do not see altercations between others, you will be safer to just leave the area. Have fun, but remember, where there are a lot of people, there is always a risk to your safety.  Be safe these holidays and enjoy your families!

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