Private Investigators can help you

When we tell people what our company does they are often intrigued.  Their minds go to places that are fascinating like their favorite movie, show, or story which involves an investigation into a crime and they look at you as if you have some sort of power.  While this is at times mildly humorous, it brings to light the fact that most people do not know how we can help them – regular people with a fairly “normal” life.  We receive calls from people around Portland, Lake Oswego, and the entire nation, who state they are “not sure we can help, but they have tried everything.”  We are the last hope.  And that is exactly what we bring at times.  For example, a during a child custody battle, parents often believe the other is not treating the child as well as they are scared for the child’s safety.  We can help identify if behaviors that shouldn’t be happening by the other parent are happening including active surveillance.  Another example, you have made a loan and the person you loaned money to is acting as if they have no way to pay you.  We can help prove that is not true so that you may collect what is owed to you.  Another example, you believe someone is stealing from you, but you cannot prove it.  We can help uncover if that is true.  Our surveillance team is extremely capable and has many successes in finding others doing what is “expected”.  Do not doubt what a private investigator can do or how you may use one, if you ask, you may be surprised!

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