Private Investigators are being used by more parents

We used to hear about the world being different now than it was when our parents were young.  Now we see how the world is different for our kids than it was when we were young.  There are many more ways for people to get in contact with your child then there used to be.  This is a concern for many parents.  You used to have to really know someone to get their number and then actually call them.  This is no longer the case.  As children begin posting pictures of themselves on the internet, there is now a way for a frighteningly large amount of complete strangers to see them and then contact them with a click of a button.  With no voice or reliable picture, this person could be anyone from anywhere.  Children and young adults are entering into relationships based solely on what they “believe” to be true.  Certainly there are times when this works out.  But these are not the times we are contacted.  We are contacted when a child or young adult has entered into a relationship with someone that they did not know and the parents’ begin to have suspicion about the other person.  Parents will call us and begin like this, “I never thought I would have the need to contact a Private Investigator, but…” and the story continues.  From loving parents with much concern.  Sometimes it is as simple as finding criminal activity of the person to assess risk, but sometimes the child has left voluntarily with a person and now we are called on to locate a child.  Depending on the age of the child/young adult and the circumstances, we are able to assist with finding and helping the child be returned to his/her home and for older children, helping them to realize they want to return home.  Parents will generally do anything they can keep their kids safe.  We will work closely with parents throughout the whole process to ensure we do everything we can to bring the family together and keep the child safe.

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