People Locates

Technology in the handsSkip Traces – A skip trace is an attempt to locate an individual.  Skip tracing is performed by collecting as much information as possible about a subject, then analyzing and verifying all of the information.  We are hired to perform skip traces for many reasons including debt recovery, service of process, criminal matters, and civil matters.  Unfortunately, there are individuals who are working at not being found and leave little to no trail behind them.  This is an example of when skip tracing is needed and takes an experienced person to know where and how to look.  In these cases, much of the research must be conducted using the traditional methods of investigation which may include hand-search of civil and criminal court records; regional database research; interviews; hand-search of library or news archives; and discreet in-person inquiries.  It takes a combination of many avenues in order to find the answers for which we are looking.  Gunderson Services has a leading edge as we are known for being approachable and people will often divulge information to our investigators when others were not able to get information.

Lonely teddy bearMissing Persons – From runaways and long lost relatives or loved ones to cold case missing persons, we can assist in finding the answers you need.  Gunderson Services uses many different avenues to find people.  Of course we have access to many exclusive databases which help us with our search, but our most effective methods are not in the office.  We are skilled in foot work and getting real answers. Our methods of finding people are specialized, effective and proven.  We are prepared and capable of taking on challenging cases, but also are here to help with basic locates.  Most clients who hire us for missing person cases are dealing with a high amount of emotion and/or stress and we are able to give them regular updates to help ease the stress of the unknown.

iStock_000009703346SmallHeir Location – Gunderson Services works to locate heirs for attorneys, individuals, and bank officers for many reasons including establishing an heir’s interest or to refute claims by alleged heirs.   This type of research is performed using exclusive databases, pulling documents at the court by hand, interviews, and field work.  Sometimes a family tree is not quite as it appears and we are able to unearth the answers you need to determine correct heirs and their whereabouts.