Looking for a Private Investigator in Portland and not sure what criteria to use to select one

Private Investigator – who needs one?

There are many reasons a person might contact a private investigator although most people think they will never need one.  Many people imagine private investigators as they are portrayed on televisions and in stories – a person dressed in black hiding in the bushes tracking down a spouse of an individual.  While this is certainly a reason a person may call an investigator, it is not the most common reason.  Many people are searching for someone that they want to connect with that they haven’t been able to find themselves.  They may have a will, a debt to collect, an old friend they miss, a family member they want to reunite with or meet, a vehicle they are looking for that someone has, and the list goes on.  Additionally, and unfortunately, there are times when you have worked with law enforcement and are not able to get the full resolution you are hoping for due to their heavy caseloads and budget restraints.  We can collect information and help you provide it to law enforcement to further move on your objectives.  Additionally, child custody issues bring a large need for investigation work to help the child be able to stay away from danger.  These are just some of the examples a person may need an investigator.

Private Investigator Selection Process

Now, once that you have established you have a need, or think you may have a need, what do you do?  You pull up portland private investigator and see a long list and feel a little lost.  There are a few things you can do when trying to select the right one for your personal situation.  First, you want to look at their website and see if they specialize in the area of work that you need.  Then, notice if there are google reviews and do they mention anything that seems pertinent to your case.  Next, call the office.  I believe one of the biggest criteria to use, beyond investigator experience, is your connection with the investigator and the staff.  Do they seem to understand you?  Did they make you feel comfortable?  Do you believe from the conversation that they are competent and able to help you?  Meet the investigator in person.  Is the office professional and is the investigator someone who you can trust?  Will they be able to provide you with the tools you need for your case.  For example, will you be given video, pictures, reports, court testimony?  Be sure to set aside the time you need to talk through all of your needs for your desired outcome.  Be sure to do your work before you hire someone to work for you and you will find that you will be more satisfied with the outcome.


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