Is it worth it?

Many people wonder if it is worth it to hire a private investigator.  The answer to this question, as the answer is to almost every question, is…it depends.  Yes, we are not going to work every job when a person calls us.  Gunderson puts so much value into people and their families that he will turn away profitable work at times if it seems there is a better solution for them than hiring an investigator.  Portland is a large city and there are many places to go and concerns that people have regarding what their loved ones are doing.  However, sometimes the best solution is to sit down and talk to them and help them problem solve or send them on to a professional who can help them in other ways such as their church or counseling.  When someone considers whether they need to hire an investigator, it is ok to call the investigator and discuss the situation with them.  A good investigator will not convince you that every problem needs an investigation.  When there are those obvious times when an immediate investigation is needed, such as when a child is danger, Gunderson will work immediately to do what is in his power to keep the child safe.  Child custody issues and parenting issues are of particular importance to Gunderson and he has had success with helping children be placed where they should be – in the loving care of a parent or guardian who is safe, responsible and caring.  Please do not be intimidated to call an investigator.  The good ones will help.

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