Family, Child, and Domestic Matters

iStock_000016239130SmallChild Custody – Child custody matters are extremely emotional and require a great deal of trust in the person handling all aspects of it.  As all cases are, these types of cases are worked with extreme care and thoughtfulness, understanding the importance of the outcome.  We are able to use the latest technology for research and surveillance as well as interviewing relevant people.  We are able to provide evidence into what the treatment of the child is like by a parent or insight into a parent’s behavior and lifestyle.  We understand your concern and will work to provide you with answers that will help to keep your child safe.
iStock_000015451743SmallDomestic Matters – Gunderson Services uses the latest techniques including cell phone, social media, and GPS tracking techniques to assist clients with domestic matters.  Including infidelity, child custody, and divorce, we will work to collect information and documentation that will help you with your case.  Few investigators have the determination and the success of capturing subjects on film that Gunderson has.  Gunderson can bring hard evidence to you so that you can make the best decisions you can.  We will work with you and bring our creativity and experience to you to tailor a plan that is specific for your situation.  By using a combination of investigation techniques, surveillance cameras, tracking, and interviews, we offer our clients the most effective methods of achieving successful results.
Happy FamilyFamily Law – Gunderson Services has experience investigating many types of family law cases including marriage, adoption, child abuse, and divorce.  We are hired to perform surveillance, research assets, provide protection, and locate individuals in these types of cases.   Gunderson Services can provide you with the proof and/or peace of mind you deserve.  We will provide you with a professional detailed report including any evidence collected to help you with your legal challenges related to family law.
iStock_000006244193SmallCourt Testimony – After Gunderson Services has completed an investigation, there is an option to have us appear in court on your behalf as a witness or an expert.  Our experience and confidence in our work makes for a great testimony on your behalf.  Be assured that our professionalism and integrity are recognizable.  If you are considering court testimony, please contact us and we will discuss this in depth with you and your attorney.