Executive Protection

iStock_000008844598SmallExecutive Protection involves protection of a person by very skilled and trained professionals.  Gunderson Services provides the protection you need by blending into surroundings and protecting an individual and the individual’s family if needed.  Although the investigator will blend into the surroundings, he is always within close proximity to the person being protected so that he can act immediately should the need arise.  Furthermore, because the investigator is able to melt into the environment and not be seen or noticed by others, the person being protected is allowed the freedom to go about his/her business as usual.  This allows for confidential as well as effective protection.  Gunderson Services understands that threats to an individual with this type of protection need can vary widely and that it takes immediate and thorough collaboration with the company making the request.  Gunderson Services will work swiftly to help identify and prepare for the range of risks that may be encountered.

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