Evening and Difficult Surveillance

When do you need surveillance from a private investigator? Is it only on a clear day in the middle of the day?  Is it in an empty area where the subject is alone and there are many points view to capture the images of the subject? These situations are highly unlikely.  Often times, it is in an area of heavy traffic, entering and leaving a residence, and at night.  Gunderson investigations has captured images and video in all of these types situations including arenas, restaurants, sporting events, and many other difficult areas.  Additionally, we have done extensive research on the best cameras for shooting images and video in the dark.  It is uncommon that an investigator has access to the types of tools really needed to get those clear shots that you need at night.  You can find many cameras at the big box stores that will provide a small amount of images but they are still not to the point of being able to see your subject clearly.  Some are no better than a baby monitor that families use to see in low light into another room.  Please be sure to be aware when you are looking for surveillance that you will need to know about what type of images you will need and who will be able to get them for you.  Write your questions out before you contact a private investigator.  Be sure to know what types of surveillance they specialize in, if they are going to be available during the hours you need them, and if they have the proper equipment.  If you are in Portland, Vancouver, or Lake Oswego we are happy to have a consultation with you at one of our offices and we can go over the of investigation we think would be best for your situation.

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