Did You Know Gunderson has Extensive Training in Interview and Interrogation Techniques?

Have you tried to get the truth out of someone and been unable to even though you know the truth?  Most people will be able to think of many times when they know something has happened but they are not able to get another person to “admit it”.  This can be with your friends, colleagues, or notoriously, your children.  Typically and fortunately, these are minor irritations.  However, when it comes down to something more serious such as a crime, the average person will not have the skills or abilities to be able to effectively interview someone.  Many people will simply not what and what not to do in an interview, will provide leading questions and will not set the correct tone to elicit answers.  This is where Gunderson can help.  I think most people who know Gunderson will tell you that they begin talking to him and find themselves sharing information or that they are surprised that Gunderson was able to find out answers that they were not able to.  Some of this is natural.  However, much it has been gained through years of experience in this field and through extensive training.

Recently, Gunderson completed the Reid Advanced Training of Interview and Interrogation Techniques.  This is well known training in the investigation world and highly regarded as being very valuable to investigators.  Being a good interviewer takes more that just allowing people to talk to you.  You have to know when to talk, when to listen, stages of an interrogation, knowledge of the crime or activity, and you have to know your suspect.  You have to study your suspect.  Prior to speaking with him or her.  You have to understand his/her profile and characteristics.  Gunderson has built these skills and tactics and continues to grow them on a regular basis.  Watching or listening to Gunderson in his interviews is always a learning experience for others and is often commended afterwards.

You want Gunderson on your side when the questioning begins.

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