Criminal and Civil Investigations



Criminal Case Investigation – Gunderson Services specializes in Criminal Legal Support and investigators are certified in interview and interrogation techniques. Our investigators are experts in conducting interviews and interrogations, recorded statements, and attorney support.  Gunderson Services has assisted with cases ranging from restraining orders to manslaughter and murder.  We work on private cases as well as under defense contracts.  Gunderson Services investigation skills have been acknowledged by the attorneys that we work with as having contributed to the success of many cases.  (Insert Criminal Dispositions)


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Civil Case Investigation – Both individuals and attorneys call on us to perform investigations to help them with their civil cases.  Some of the more common investigations requested are surveillance (including child custody or marital disputes), asset locates, skip tracing, and background research.  Attorneys will hire us to assist with civil cases when they need an investigator to perform these or other investigations.  We approach each case with thought and consideration and coordinate with the attorney to determine how to best conduct the investigation.  Once completed, we create a professional and detailed report, including photos and videos when appropriate, for the attorney to use in the case.  We also will act as an expert witness in a court proceeding when needed.



Court Testimony – After Gunderson Services has completed an investigation, there is an option to have us appear in court on your behalf as a witness or an expert.  Our experience and confidence in our work makes for a great testimony on your behalf.  Be assured that our professionalism and integrity are recognizable.  If you are considering court testimony, please contact us and we will discuss this in depth with you and your attorney.