Continuous Dangers of Investigating and Process Serving

It is undeniably a risk when our respected law enforcement officials go to work each day. They are risking their lives everyday to keep the citizens safe and I do not believe that we are often adequately appreciative of this risk they take for us on a daily basis.  They have chosen this career path and for this we know that at any time we can pick up a phone, dial 911, talk to a live person, and receive help shortly.  For anyone in this line of work who reads this, please hear us when we say thank you.

Additionally I see our investigators leaving on assignments, and on occasion take a moment to say a prayer that they do not encounter someone who will threaten their lives.  At times, something as simple as a routine service of process can turn into something very dangerous very quickly.  And of course we do not know when this happen.  Assisting the private sector and businesses with surveillance and threat management brings attention to the many types of dangers out there that many of us do not think about.

Just taking a few thoughtful and thankful moments today for those I work with and admiring their persistence and perseverance despite what would make most of run.


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