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Gunderson Services keeps client names confidential for obvious reasons. However, we have provided services to all types of clients including local as well as federal government agencies; international business; national businesses; local Businesses; Business Partners; individuals with local, national and international needs; banks (local and national); law firms (sole practitioner to international firms); small and large businesses; clients across the country for work outside of the United States and across the world.

Client Reviews

Choosing the right private investigation company can make a significant difference to you and can be a daunting task. We would like to help make your decisions easier. Our satisfied clients have greatly benefited from our proven experience and successful investigations. They know and can attest to our diligence and efficiency. Our investigation techniques and determination generate result. Please see what our clients have been saying about us:

Letters of Recommendation

Peter Mozena – Link


Many attorneys in Washington and Oregon highly recommend Gunderson Services for investigation needs including:

Will Macke: General Practice

Matt Holland: Personal Injury, Family Law

Frank Wall: Landlord/Tenant Law (503) 312-8270

Peter Mozena: Civil Case, Probate

Nick Wood: Criminal Defense, Family Law, Military Law

Matt Hoff:  Criminal Defense

Tony Lowe:  Criminal Defense  (503) 351-5761

Gregg Schile: Criminal Defense (360) 695-8024