Body Worn Cameras for Private Investigators in Portland, Oregon

It is no secret that some of the public has developed a lack of trust in law enforcement lately as a result of the media coverage of deaths to citizens by police officers.  Of course, this is not something that anyone feels good about, but we want to make it known that we stand behind police and believe that police are doing the best they can to protect our society – you, me, our children, family, and friends.  Without these individuals risking their lives on a daily basis to make ours safer, our communities would not be places we could live in without fear and chaos.  We thank our men and women in blue.

Gunderson Services is a private investigation company, not a police agency.  However, we do face many of the dangers that a police officer faces in his/her day to day job.  We place ourselves in areas of great danger, between hostile parties, in crime overtaken areas, and places where people do not wish us to be.  We do this to protect our clients.  We have our own safety precautions in place and one of them is to wear body worn cameras.  Police has begun to do this so that they can regain public trust, protect themselves from unfounded claims, and provide documentation of activities.  Gunderson Services investigators, detectives, security agents, and protection agents do this for similar reasons.  We want you to be safe, but we also want to protect our investigators. We are always working on new ways to improve safety – for us and for you.

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