Private Investigators can help you

When we tell people what our company does they are often intrigued.  Their minds go to places that are fascinating like their favorite movie, show, or story which involves an investigation into a crime and they look at you as if you have some sort of power.  While this is at times mildly humorous, it brings to light the fact that most people do not know how we can help them – regular people with a fairly “normal” life.  We receive calls from people around Portland, Lake Oswego, and the entire nation, who state they are “not sure we can help, but they have tried everything.”  We are the last hope.  And that is exactly what we bring at times.  For example, a during a child custody battle, parents often believe the other is not treating the child as well as they are scared for the child’s safety.  We can help identify if behaviors that shouldn’t be happening by the other parent are happening including active surveillance.  Another example, you have made a loan and the person you loaned money to is acting as if they have no way to pay you.  We can help prove that is not true so that you may collect what is owed to you.  Another example, you believe someone is stealing from you, but you cannot prove it.  We can help uncover if that is true.  Our surveillance team is extremely capable and has many successes in finding others doing what is “expected”.  Do not doubt what a private investigator can do or how you may use one, if you ask, you may be surprised!

Private Investigators are being used by more parents

We used to hear about the world being different now than it was when our parents were young.  Now we see how the world is different for our kids than it was when we were young.  There are many more ways for people to get in contact with your child then there used to be.  This is a concern for many parents.  You used to have to really know someone to get their number and then actually call them.  This is no longer the case.  As children begin posting pictures of themselves on the internet, there is now a way for a frighteningly large amount of complete strangers to see them and then contact them with a click of a button.  With no voice or reliable picture, this person could be anyone from anywhere.  Children and young adults are entering into relationships based solely on what they “believe” to be true.  Certainly there are times when this works out.  But these are not the times we are contacted.  We are contacted when a child or young adult has entered into a relationship with someone that they did not know and the parents’ begin to have suspicion about the other person.  Parents will call us and begin like this, “I never thought I would have the need to contact a Private Investigator, but…” and the story continues.  From loving parents with much concern.  Sometimes it is as simple as finding criminal activity of the person to assess risk, but sometimes the child has left voluntarily with a person and now we are called on to locate a child.  Depending on the age of the child/young adult and the circumstances, we are able to assist with finding and helping the child be returned to his/her home and for older children, helping them to realize they want to return home.  Parents will generally do anything they can keep their kids safe.  We will work closely with parents throughout the whole process to ensure we do everything we can to bring the family together and keep the child safe.

Interview Technique for Private Investigators

When you think about an interview you probably think about movies where there is a bright light and an officer of some sort using pretty intense interrogation techniques on a person.  While certainly that is a technique that holds some merit at times, there are many other techniques that private investigators use.  Private investigators are called upon to interview individuals for many reasons.  Attorneys will use private investigators to interview a variety of people when they are trying to find someone or trying to find out about someone.  Additionally, and very commonly, attorneys will rely on their investigators in a criminal matter to interview witnesses in their place.  This gives an advantage to the attorney in that they are able to remove themselves from the interview and are able to use the investigator in trial should the need arise.  Thus, private investigators need to be very skilled at interviews and their clients need to be able to trust that they will ask the right questions and most importantly, get the right answers.  Gunderson is well trained in interview, interrogation and positive persuasion techniques (See this blog post about his training).  He knows what questions to ask. He knows how to get answers.  He knows how to motivate the subject to the truth.  Once he knows that a subject is withholding information, he is able to create a strategy to bring the subject to actually have the “desire” to tell the truth.  One part of this technique involves allowing the subject to know that you understand and can empathize with the reasons that someone uses to justify their actions.  You make the subject feel like you believe the same way that he/she does and that there are reasons that make the actions ok.  As we all know, when someone understands our reasons for doing or saying something wrong, we relax a little.  For example if you are in an argument with a friend and you say something hurtful to him that you regret, you may feel terrible.  If the friend and you can talk and your friend tells you that he understands why you said that, that what you said was in response to something he did and so he understands why you reacted this way.  All of the sudden it might be easier for you to apologize.  Knowing these techniques and mastering them takes practice and experience.  Gunderson has both and can find answers.

Safety Tips while in Crowds (from a private investigator)

This time of year you may think about attending events for the holidays such as plays, parties, parades, even shopping can be an event at least for me.  No matter where you go this time of year, there seems to be a TON of people.  Do you notice or care?  Some of us do not like crowds at all and do our best to avoid them.  Others really do not notice and some still are energized by being around many people.  Whatever type of person you are, it is important that when you are in a large group, you are aware of your surroundings.  Does it seem like this is my answer to so many things?  Well, because it is.  And until you have this as a natural response, you are not prepared.  Really for anything.  In a crowd, you want to look up, do not focus on your feet.  Hold your belongings close to you if you have to bring a bag.  If you are in an organized crowd be prepared to have your bag checked and do not bring anything you do not see as disposable.  Carry your small children and hold hands with larger ones.  Children are often not seen way down there as adults are focused on each other talking.  Know how to get out.  Know where the closest exit is and know how you will get there.  Discuss a meeting place if you get lost.  Be sure your phone is charged before you leave home.  Be sure someone who is not with you knows where you are.  Do not get intoxicated when you are in a crowd, you will not be a good part of the crowd.  Know when to leave.  You do not see altercations between others, you will be safer to just leave the area. Have fun, but remember, where there are a lot of people, there is always a risk to your safety.  Be safe these holidays and enjoy your families!

Body Worn Cameras for Private Investigators in Portland, Oregon

It is no secret that some of the public has developed a lack of trust in law enforcement lately as a result of the media coverage of deaths to citizens by police officers.  Of course, this is not something that anyone feels good about, but we want to make it known that we stand behind police and believe that police are doing the best they can to protect our society – you, me, our children, family, and friends.  Without these individuals risking their lives on a daily basis to make ours safer, our communities would not be places we could live in without fear and chaos.  We thank our men and women in blue.

Gunderson Services is a private investigation company, not a police agency.  However, we do face many of the dangers that a police officer faces in his/her day to day job.  We place ourselves in areas of great danger, between hostile parties, in crime overtaken areas, and places where people do not wish us to be.  We do this to protect our clients.  We have our own safety precautions in place and one of them is to wear body worn cameras.  Police has begun to do this so that they can regain public trust, protect themselves from unfounded claims, and provide documentation of activities.  Gunderson Services investigators, detectives, security agents, and protection agents do this for similar reasons.  We want you to be safe, but we also want to protect our investigators. We are always working on new ways to improve safety – for us and for you.

Evening and Difficult Surveillance

When do you need surveillance from a private investigator? Is it only on a clear day in the middle of the day?  Is it in an empty area where the subject is alone and there are many points view to capture the images of the subject? These situations are highly unlikely.  Often times, it is in an area of heavy traffic, entering and leaving a residence, and at night.  Gunderson investigations has captured images and video in all of these types situations including arenas, restaurants, sporting events, and many other difficult areas.  Additionally, we have done extensive research on the best cameras for shooting images and video in the dark.  It is uncommon that an investigator has access to the types of tools really needed to get those clear shots that you need at night.  You can find many cameras at the big box stores that will provide a small amount of images but they are still not to the point of being able to see your subject clearly.  Some are no better than a baby monitor that families use to see in low light into another room.  Please be sure to be aware when you are looking for surveillance that you will need to know about what type of images you will need and who will be able to get them for you.  Write your questions out before you contact a private investigator.  Be sure to know what types of surveillance they specialize in, if they are going to be available during the hours you need them, and if they have the proper equipment.  If you are in Portland, Vancouver, or Lake Oswego we are happy to have a consultation with you at one of our offices and we can go over the of investigation we think would be best for your situation.

Looking for a Private Investigator in Portland and not sure what criteria to use to select one

Private Investigator – who needs one?

There are many reasons a person might contact a private investigator although most people think they will never need one.  Many people imagine private investigators as they are portrayed on televisions and in stories – a person dressed in black hiding in the bushes tracking down a spouse of an individual.  While this is certainly a reason a person may call an investigator, it is not the most common reason.  Many people are searching for someone that they want to connect with that they haven’t been able to find themselves.  They may have a will, a debt to collect, an old friend they miss, a family member they want to reunite with or meet, a vehicle they are looking for that someone has, and the list goes on.  Additionally, and unfortunately, there are times when you have worked with law enforcement and are not able to get the full resolution you are hoping for due to their heavy caseloads and budget restraints.  We can collect information and help you provide it to law enforcement to further move on your objectives.  Additionally, child custody issues bring a large need for investigation work to help the child be able to stay away from danger.  These are just some of the examples a person may need an investigator.

Private Investigator Selection Process

Now, once that you have established you have a need, or think you may have a need, what do you do?  You pull up portland private investigator and see a long list and feel a little lost.  There are a few things you can do when trying to select the right one for your personal situation.  First, you want to look at their website and see if they specialize in the area of work that you need.  Then, notice if there are google reviews and do they mention anything that seems pertinent to your case.  Next, call the office.  I believe one of the biggest criteria to use, beyond investigator experience, is your connection with the investigator and the staff.  Do they seem to understand you?  Did they make you feel comfortable?  Do you believe from the conversation that they are competent and able to help you?  Meet the investigator in person.  Is the office professional and is the investigator someone who you can trust?  Will they be able to provide you with the tools you need for your case.  For example, will you be given video, pictures, reports, court testimony?  Be sure to set aside the time you need to talk through all of your needs for your desired outcome.  Be sure to do your work before you hire someone to work for you and you will find that you will be more satisfied with the outcome.


Is it worth it?

Many people wonder if it is worth it to hire a private investigator.  The answer to this question, as the answer is to almost every question, is…it depends.  Yes, we are not going to work every job when a person calls us.  Gunderson puts so much value into people and their families that he will turn away profitable work at times if it seems there is a better solution for them than hiring an investigator.  Portland is a large city and there are many places to go and concerns that people have regarding what their loved ones are doing.  However, sometimes the best solution is to sit down and talk to them and help them problem solve or send them on to a professional who can help them in other ways such as their church or counseling.  When someone considers whether they need to hire an investigator, it is ok to call the investigator and discuss the situation with them.  A good investigator will not convince you that every problem needs an investigation.  When there are those obvious times when an immediate investigation is needed, such as when a child is danger, Gunderson will work immediately to do what is in his power to keep the child safe.  Child custody issues and parenting issues are of particular importance to Gunderson and he has had success with helping children be placed where they should be – in the loving care of a parent or guardian who is safe, responsible and caring.  Please do not be intimidated to call an investigator.  The good ones will help.

Continuous Dangers of Investigating and Process Serving

It is undeniably a risk when our respected law enforcement officials go to work each day. They are risking their lives everyday to keep the citizens safe and I do not believe that we are often adequately appreciative of this risk they take for us on a daily basis.  They have chosen this career path and for this we know that at any time we can pick up a phone, dial 911, talk to a live person, and receive help shortly.  For anyone in this line of work who reads this, please hear us when we say thank you.

Additionally I see our investigators leaving on assignments, and on occasion take a moment to say a prayer that they do not encounter someone who will threaten their lives.  At times, something as simple as a routine service of process can turn into something very dangerous very quickly.  And of course we do not know when this happen.  Assisting the private sector and businesses with surveillance and threat management brings attention to the many types of dangers out there that many of us do not think about.

Just taking a few thoughtful and thankful moments today for those I work with and admiring their persistence and perseverance despite what would make most of run.


Diving into Twitter

The first day of 2016.  Many new goals for Gunderson Services.  As we open new areas of business and connect with new clients, we need to expand the ways that people can connect with us.  We have created our new twitter page today.  Please follow us and learn more about what we are up to and our new areas of expertise.