About Gunderson Services

Gunderson Services is based in Oregon and Washington, however conducts investigations locally, nationally and internationally.   Business offices are located in Lake Oswego, Portland, and Vancouver, Washington.  Gunderson Services prides itself on conducting investigations with professionalism, tenacity, and integrity.

Gunderson Services is designed to assist individuals, businesses, and attorneys with both large-scale and small-scale private investigations by investigating, discovering, and analyzing information.  Investigations involve many diverse matters including background profiles, employment profiles, surveillance, assistance in criminal and civil liability cases, insurance claims, injury claims, threat management, domestic issues, and much more.  Gunderson Services is widely recognized as having experts in surveillance, threat management and locating very difficult to find individuals.  Gunderson Services swiftly and expertly handles the difficult cases.  When other private investigators want to turn away, Gunderson goes in.

Investigation information is discovered through many avenues including proprietary private investigator information exchange, computers, documents, database searches, on-site surveillance, courthouse research, legal investigative searches, personal and witness interviews, phone investigation and interviews, visiting work sites, etc.  Comprehensive or summary reports are provided to clients upon completion of projects including photos, videos, and other relevant information as available.

Gunderson Services also provides testimony in court for clients.  Investigation avenues and tools are all tailored for the client’s needs.

Gunderson Services is discreet when conducting all investigations and is compliant with relevant  Federal, State, and local legislation.


RECENT NEWS – Videos and Links

Senate Bill 6115

Gunderson was the Private Investigator behind Senate Bill 6115 working with Senator Don Benton and attorney Peter Mozena.  This bill was signed into law by Washington State Governor Jay Inslee on April 2, 2014.  The new law expands the ability of private investigators to take action on an interstate basis and more completely and fully assist their clients with service of process.  This is a major step for private investigators in Washington to be able to better serve their clients. Please click here to see the progression of the bill as it became a law. Senate Bill 6115


Video – Gunderson speaks at Legislative Committee

Video – House Judiciary Committee – February 26


Please click this link to view the steps the bill went through in order to become a law

Senate Bill 6115 – steps to becoming a bill


Gunderson was present at the bill signing with Washington State Governor Inslee on April 2, 2014.


Nomination for Best Portland Private Investigators – December 2016

Top Portland Private Investigators


Gunderson appears as an expert for television show, Fatal Attraction

See episode here





Gunderson, President and Owner of Gunderson Services, is a prior service U.S. Marine and a licensed Private Investigator in the State of Oregon (PSID # 39740) and the State of Washington (#3076).  He is a member of the Oregon Association of Licensed Investigators (OALI) and serves on the OALI Board as the Sergeant at Arms.  Gunderson is well recognized for his investigation work and has been asked to speak at colleges as well as to licensed investigators for their continuing education.  He also been featured in media productions including television and used as reference contact for publication.

Claire Lloyd

Claire Lloyd, Vice President and CFO, has been with Gunderson Services since its inception.  Previously, she held high level management positions in Human Resources for several companies in both the profit and not-for-profit worlds.  She brings over 10 years of business and financial management skills to Gunderson Services.